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The Hydra

Slightly better than other bands

Community for fans of Ontario band The Hydra!
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The Hydra is a 5 piece band out of Oshawa Ontario which has been active since approx. 1997, starting as a 2 piece. We can best be described as "musical and loud" and "slightly better than other bands". Band consists of:

Seann Battams - Violin, guitar

Jordan Caverly - Bass

Natalie Garcia - guitar, vocals

Andrew James - guitar, vocals

Nick James - drums, vocals

With our roots all coming from various styles like celtic, jazz, hip hop, classical, punk, and ska. The Hydra make a uniquely irresistable addition to your cd collection.

Hydra Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/thehydra

"Heavy music is their common ground"
-Cindy Wells, The Chronicle