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Worst concert ever!

So I'll keep it short. We got fucked around by Supernova who gave us a 1 am set time. Then we got our cymbals stolen along with Natalies wallet. Psilocybin's bass player also had his bass stolen. So long story short ANdrew's taking Supernova to court and we're having a benefit show. It will be the "Where's our shit at?" benefit show. We're in the process of contacting Psilocybin and other bands to help out and finding a cheap venue. I'll get back to those details as they arise. We also got asked to play at the Opera House but seeing as how Supernova is gay we may not play it.

More shows:

Princess Riot CD release party featuring Caution Inc. Feb 26 - venue unconfirmed
Bandwarz March 12 @ Le Skratch
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